Learning Outcomes.

The 11 master secrets premium course is for people needing an immediate blueprint to following their personal bliss. A 24 week course and structured payment plan is offered covering how to locate what we love, monetize it and live and Inspired life. Best Value $1,997 SAVE $967

Master Secret 1 Uncovering your Mission to do what you Love can sometimes be intense.

What you'll learn;

  1. Understand your organic nature for what you want to do
  2. How to leave security
  3. Understand what your world needs that YOU can provide
  4. Understanding regret for not pursuing your passion
  5. Being intuitively in-tune with your mission regardless of opinion 


Master Secret 2 Understanding Your Motive IS your WHY. 

What you'll learn;

  1. Why you're pulled toward a certain vocation
  2. Identify the blockages that are stopping you from making the leap
  3. Understanding the money trap most people think about 
  4. Learn what resonates with your soul
  5. Understanding why your WHY is critical to any success.

Master Secret 3 How to overcome Fear 

What you'll learn;

  1. Understanding the 5 different types of fear
  2. How to take the leap of faith despite the fear of failing
  3. How to look at Mistakes when striving for success
  4. How to understand Gratitude and its role against fear
  5. Comprehending time and time well spent.

Master Secret 4 Strategies for Murphy's law 

What you'll learn;

  1. How to recognise Murphy's Law
  2. How to immediately bring certain thinking into effect when it shows up
  3. Becoming one with understanding your true purpose
  4. How to become habitual in your understanding of mistakes
  5. How to make absolutely certain Murphy doesn't stay for dinner 

Master Secret 5 Understanding conditions for beginning

What you'll Learn;

  1. When is the best time to begin?
  2. How to get a better understanding of HOW ideas come to you
  3. Understanding the relationship between YOU and your family and friends when beginning
  4. Understanding the true essence behind any mistakes you think you've made
  5. How to understand conditions when your mission is clear

Master Secret 6 - How to use your imagination for the life you want

What you'll Learn;

  1. How to Use your Imagination through the Law of Attraction
  2. How to count for previous bad experiences but still move forward 
  3. How to feel Inspired when using your Imagination
  4. How to become one with your imagination when thinking about your future
  5. How to keep bad experiences at bay when knowing who you are..

Master Secret 7 Recognising Negative thinking and Influences 

What you'll learn;

  1. How to recognise negativity in friends and family
  2. How to recognise negative self-talk and what to do about it
  3. Understanding the correlation between dream chasing and sustained imagination
  4. How to recognise subtle negative influences disguised as practicality
  5. How to believe and back yourself for achieving your goal

Master Secret 8 Trusting Yourself and the Process 

What you'll learn;

  1. Re-orienting yourself as to the meaning of your past mistakes
  2. Uncovering the possabilities of your future
  3. How to overcome the trepidation of not making future decisions
  4. Strategies on how to trust and align yourself with your highest calling
  5. How to stop sabotaging yourself when aiming for the structured goal.

Master Secret 9 How to Break the Rules 

What you'll learn;

  1. How to break the rules that keeps Monday morning traffic congested
  2. How to apply the 1 hour a day principle to your dream
  3. Understanding job security
  4. Uncovering the strategy for trusted relationships
  5. Go there. Manifesting strategies for your ultimate tomorrow

Master Secret 10 Your Thoughts become your reality 

What you'll learn;

  1. How to scrutinise what occupies your thoughts now 
  2. Strategies on how to evaluate your current life predicament
  3. Specific action steps to retrain what you allow in
  4. How to become in-tune with the reality you want to live
  5. Understanding the Law of Attraction  

Master Secret 11 Learn where your Inspiration lies

What you'll learn;

  1. What Inspiration means for you. (goosebump moments)
  2. Uncovering how to easily locate your inspiration
  3. How to become aligned with inspirational themes that align with your purpose
  4. How to identify your physical place of Inspiration
  5. How to concisely live in an Inspired mindset


The $1,997 Bundle Saves You 

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